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Ludum Dare 29

Ludum Dare 29 was running at April 25th and I decided to take part this time. In Ludum Dare Compo you have 48 hours to create a game from scratch. They reveal the theme, which is decided with public voting, at the start of the competition. This time the theme was “Beneath the surface”. I decided to make a platformer in which you have to collect items in order to escape from a cave after a cave-in.

It took me about 20 hours to have a game good enough for submission. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to add any sound or make the levels more complicated and interesting. After the deadline you have the opportunity to port your game for different platforms, so I decided to make a version with touch screen controls to be playable from smartphones and tablets.

You can play the game and read about it in my Ludum Dare submission page here.



PostgreSQL set sequences to max value

When you import data into a PostgreSQL database, the sequences are not updated automatically. In the PostgreSQL wiki there is a guide showing you how to update the sequences to the max value of the id column by generating a query for each table.

Here is the full guide: Fixing Sequences

Allow remote access to mysql using xampp

If you use XAMPP for your MySQL and you want to use another program to manage your database instead of phpMyAdmin, for example MySQL Workbench, you will need to allow remote access to MySQL.

Here is how from an answer in How do I allow remote access to mysql using xampp?


Import Excel Data into MySQL

This very helpful little guide shows how to export your excel data into a csv file and then import them to MySQL using a command. I’ve used it many times in the past and I keep it handy in my bookmarks.

Read the full guide here: Import Excel Data into MySQL in 5 Easy Steps


Performance of Java versus C++

This article from J.P.Lewis and Ulrich Neumann contains some benchmarks between Java and C++. It is a little old (2004) but the results are very interesting.

Read more: Performance of Java versus C++


Ludum Dare 27

This is my entry in the Ludum Dare 27 Compo. For those of you who don’t know about Ludum Dare, it is a game jam with the purpose of creating a game in 48 hours. More info here.

The theme of Ludum Dare 27 was “10 seconds”. The game is about your hungry pet dragon, that you must guide to food every 10 seconds.

You can play the game and download the source here.